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Message processing - from Asterisk

Messages from Asterisk

When a new message from Asterisk arrives at the AMI Proxy quite a lot happens, most of which is because of the additional features the AMI Proxy manages for you. We will start by explaining the main proxy functionality and them move onto the extra features such as the Extension monitor, Line monitor and calls stats.

Basic proxy feature


The following methods are all used to power the extra feature of the AMI Proxy, Extension monitor, Line monitor and the call stat processor. It would be still remain very unclear on what these handlers do if we explained them all individualy and so we will explain what these handlers do in the diffrent contexts they are used. For example, how the AMI Proxy keeps an interneal list of each extensions channels and each channels status up to date.

 private void PeerStatusHandler(string text)
 private void ResponseHandler(string text);
 private void NewStateHandler(string text);
 private void HangupHandler(string text);
 private void RenameHandler(string text);
 private void MusicOnHoldHandler(string text);
 private void DialHandler(string text);
 private void PeerEntryHandler(string text);
 private void VarSetHandler(string text);
 private void MasqueradeHandler(string text);
 private void TransferHandler(string text);
 private void BridegHandler(string text);
 private void LeaveHandler(string text);
 private void JoinHandler(string text);
 private void NewExten(string text);

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